How to make an introduction Video

Creating a Personal Video
Written by Shane Grove
Updated 2 years ago

A video is a great way to get across your personality. People will watch your video to see what it’s like working with you, but it doesn’t need to cover everything on your CV. Just pick a subject, relax and go for it.  

Here is a short video that may help you prepare :

What should you say? 
As suggested in the video the areas you could cover are;

  1. Connect  - how you grew up, what shaped you, what influenced you
  2. Career - how did you get started in what you doing and how did your career evolve over time
  3. Contribute - what are you passionate about and what do you want to give back to the community
  4. Centered - what keeps you centered and balanced outside of work

How long should it be?
We suggest you keep the introduction video to about 1-3 mins.
How should you film it? 
However you like. You can use the webcam tool in the app or the camera on your phone will do just fine. It’s best to show your face and film in landscape, with your phone horizontal. 
Are there any rules? 
Please wear clothes and don’t swear. All videos will be checked before they’re posted on your profile.  


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