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How to Build Your TEXinc Talks
Written by Shane Grove
Updated 1 year ago

Finding a talking style and structure that suits you and your content can take some time and experimentation. Not sure where to begin? This short e-book will provide you with a basic template to get you started with your first Talk, so you can concentrate on what you do best - sharing your expertise with our community!

Keep in mind this template follows a ‘vanilla’ method to presentations. It uses a simple, basic structure suitable for an education-based talk or presentation. As you become more comfortable, you can begin to play with techniques such as hooks, humour, audience engagement, and creative storytelling methods. The best way to begin incorporating these elements is to experiment with them and test them on unpaid audiences for feedback, and to watch/listen to a wide variety of speakers, analysing what works well and noting what styles may suit your content, context and personality. For now, the following pages provide you with a basic structure to get your started!

Click here to download our guide - Talk Tools.pdf

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