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Advisory offers a vehicle for the sharing of knowledge and wisdom from experts to learners in a highly intensive, short term time period, designed to support the learner’s speedy acquisition of skills in a particular industry or role for the purpose of accelerating their understanding of a particular topic or field and informing their future long-term learning goals.

TEX.inc Advisors

TEX Advisors help learners to rapidly acquire knowledge through highly personalised online learning sessions that condense the expert’s breadth of knowledge into tangible learning points and take away lessons for the motivated learner. In the same way crib notes provide an overview of the main themes in a book, advisors help their learners get up to speed on the ins and outs of a particular industry or role, sharing their technical knowledge and unique personal experience of what works and when. In doing so, this intensive learning experience provides opportunity for the dual bene it of both the learner’s accelerated growth, and the advisor’s personal development.

TEX.inc High Speed Learners

Learners seeking advisory are looking to update their knowledge fast. Whether they are seeking skill acquisition and knowledge expansion around early, broad or advanced career development, they all have one thing in common, they are highly motivated to learn, and come to the conversation eager to embark on a steep learning curve that will support their ambitious goals. As much as they wish to acquire technical knowledge, they are by nature interested in understanding unique pathways to success, and are always on the lookout for experts who can serve as role models as they continue moving forward in their personal and professional development journeys. These learners seek efficient advisors who will keep them on their toes through fast paced learning that will enable them to thrive.


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