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Coaching offers a vehicle for the identification and realisation of an individual’s personal and professional goals. The coaching relationship is one built on mutual trust and respect, whereby the coach acknowledges and supports the coachee’s personal values, and seeks to support their efforts to unlock their full potential and maximise their performance, through the use of evidence-based coaching practices

TEX.inc Coaches

TEX.inc Coaches help people to develop more effectively through a dynamic, direct relationship that utilises their advanced-career experience and knowledge of evidence based coaching tools and techniques, with the aim of assisting their coachee to become aware, then articulate and action goals that contribute to their personal and professional development. TEX.inc coaches promote respectful relationships, provide autonomy support and engage in solution focused conversations that assist their coachee move toward their personal and professional aspirations.

TEX.inc Coachee

TED.inc Coachees are looking for support and clarity around their personal and professional development goals with someone capable of using evidence-based interventions that enable them to increase their self-awareness, improve their communication, and apply strategies that enable them to move swiftly in the direction of their goals. They are looking for solution focused coaches who will help them identify and use their strengths and identify and action opportunities for growth amongst change. They may be seeking guidance and support around early, broad or advanced career development, and are committed to turning their insights into action.

For more information your can download our tools and tips informatoin here:

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TEX.inc Coaching Tools.pdf

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