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Mentorship offers a vehicle for the development of a long term professional relationship based on mutual trust, designed to build confidence and support the mentee so they are able to drive their work goals forward and progress along their professional path.

TEX.inc Mentors

TEX.inc mentors help people to develop more effectively through a dynamic, reciprocal relationship that utilises their advanced-career experience and wisdom to shine a light on the way forward for their mentees, with the aim of fostering the goals of the mentee, and the bene it of promoting the personal and professional development of them both.

TEX.inc Mentees

TEX.inc mentees are looking for a meaningful relationship with someone who will celebrate their strengths, help them identify opportunities for growth and introduce them to new ideas, opportunities and networks. As much as they wish to grow, they hope to share in the excitement of their lessons learned and unique industry insights. TEX.inc mentees may be seeking guidance and support around early, broad or advanced career development. They are committed to their individual growth, and in return, seek opportunities to contribute to the growth of others

For more information your can download our tools and tips informatoin here:

TEX.inc Expert Role - Mentor.pdf

TEX.inc Mentoring Tools.pdf

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