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TEX.inc Talks

TEX.inc talks enable our experts to scale their experience exchange with minimal time commitment, for the bene it of many learners who are eager to upskill and extend their knowledge and understanding across a diverse range of industry insights. For many, TEX.inc Talks provide an entry point into the TEX.inc community so they can explore the range of expertise and learning opportunities available for later investment

TEX.inc Talk Presenters

TEX.inc Talk Presenters help people gain access to a community of like-minded learners and experts, committed to lifelong learning and personal and professional development, in the comfort of their own workplaces and homes. Presenters utilise their advanced career experience and wisdom to design and deliver engaging presentations that bring skills and concepts to life, while sharing emerging industry trends.

TEX.inc Audiences

Audiences of TEX.inc Talks are looking to expand their knowledge at their own pace by engaging with our library of talks at a time and place that works for them. Talks provide opportunity for audiences to engage with unfamiliar topics, learn new skills, and bene it from insights shared by leading experts within our community. Our TEX.inc Talks platform often serves as a starting point for learners considering which personal and professional goals they wish to prioritise, and provides an ongoing library for curious learners wishing to keep up to date across a diverse range of future skills. For our experts, TEX.inc Talks provide a platform whereby they can sharpen their presenting skills

For more information your can download our tools and tips informatoin here:

TEX.inc Expert Role - TEX Talks.pdf

TEX.inc Talks Tools.pdf

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